About us

My name is Colby McMahon, and I am a college student in Phoenix, Arizona. I started Soothe Apparel as a way to create a positive, healthy community for people struggling with mental health to be engaged in and have a place to heal. The prevalence of mental illnesses, especially in adolescents is growing exponentially, and this is being shown through all of these unfortunate suicides and shootings. Soothe Apparel's motive is to create awareness for mental health in hopes to end the stigma surrounding it. Too many people are embarrassed to come out and talk about their feelings, and it is causing so much internal pain and increasing the severity of their issues. Join me in starting a movement be a voice for these people suffering in silence and end the stigma. 

Thank you so much for your support!


We donate 10% of all profits to The Brain and Behavior research Foundation, because this is one of the leading organizations in providing funding for research and development of treatments and investigations for mental health. We chose this organization because they distribute 100% of all of the donations they receive to scientists researching these mental disorders and their treatments. 

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